Thursday, 29 May 2008

Photoshop moment in green and pink - # 08/118

Those Photoshop effects that slot in a colour figure within a B&W print are clever, and a useful special effect, but I don't really like them as much as I like a "real photo", created in the camera.

A couple of days ago I spotted this genuine "Photoshop Moment" as I crossed the Petersham Copse. In the middle of all the springtime greenery the little girl in her pink outfit stood out nicely and made a happy scene. Of course, I had to show it in full colour (Sorry).

1 comment:

  1. Je ne sais pas ce que tu veux dire avec photoshop, en tout cas tu as bien profité de la lumière pour séparer les masses de feuillage et les différents plans, notamment le tronc.
    Bravo, vert sur vert ce n'était pas facile pourtant.