Saturday, 24 November 2007

The Bar Fly goes hi-tech- # 302

Gone are the days of smoke, spit, and sawdust on the floor. Glancing through the bar area of a tavern built in the "Victorian Railway Age" we find fire extinguishers (to the highest safety standards), ultra high speed stainless steel washers (to the highest standards of health regulation), electronic switch gear for the flat screen plasma and the multi speaker hi-fi, gas pressurised beer delivery systems, and a "just in time" beverage supply logistics back-up linked directly to the electronic till and managed by a giant multinational corporation. The bar maid is an immigrant, (and I am betting that she was probably an immigrant even back in 1887).


  1. You seem to be spending a lot of your time in pubs 'Roon. I bet you've been in every hostelry in RuT!

  2. She's cute enough to be Polish ;-)

  3. Glad she is properly attired - some barmaids are dressed very skimperly!!!

    Is it still really smoky??? The first time we were in London we nearly suffocated in the pub. The last time it was better but smoking areas really are a waste of time aren't they?? In Queensland now smoking is banned in all areas.

  4. No more "spit and polish" there then these days.

    Whatever happened to spittoons and brass rails?

    Nice photo and interesting posts.

  5. I'm especially interested in the "multi speaker hi-fi, gas pressurised beer delivery systems" - must be a sight to behold