Friday, 1 August 2008

1664 - # 08/179

The Richmond upon Thames Bar Fly went out for a buzzz about last night and got caught in a time warp. If you think this looks harrowing.....well it was. The conversation ranged from the form and photogeneity of Bauhaus architecture to the beauty that arises by sticking to the discipline of the Sonnet form. Since the pub dates from the roughly the same year (more or less) as that stamped on the glasses (and before Australia had a name) it failed to provide the linear forms of Tempelhof airport that the Bar Fly was craving for.
This tortured effort was the best he could do to capture the play of light and shadow, of curve and straight line. (Enlarging the photo may help; but don't spend too much time on it.)


  1. You really do have a very expressive way with words. What is left for me to say. It wasn't harrowing to view, merely unsettling,given your text, but certainly captivating.

  2. I hope you are not suggesting that "1664" has some kind of antipodean connection....

    Bauhaus Dessau - Moholy-Nagy probbaly no-likee photogenic tag

  3. @Richard.....of course not. Mr. Foster occupies the rack further along. Tks for the tip ref Dessau. Why not? There's clearly a gap I need to fill.