Friday, 22 August 2008

Atlas - # 08/197

Greek myth tells us that Atlas held the World on his shoulders.

The Landlord of the Bell Inn at East Molesey does exactly that. The building dates from at least 1460 and is quite obviously "hand made". One can even imagine it standing here for another 600 years. Traditionally built means "Strong, flexible, robust. A combination of the light and the massive" in this case. The wooden beams could today already be 1,000 yrs old, cut in 1460 from trees in ancient forests.

While the Landlord chatted and made us feel comfortable and welcome the Bar Fly's trusty Olympus C7070 compact camera went into action to catch this unposed natural snap. This camera is compact enough to be discrete; large enough to be easy to set up manually in dim lighting without fumbling.

For the technical: ISO 100, f2.8, 2 seconds exposure, lens at 28mm wide angle. Camera nestling in trusty bean bag on the table.


  1. That's one of the advantages of having a discreet camera ...! The angle makes a striking visual impact.

    BTW, if it's not unappropriate, I'd like to make this comment (quoting from your words) about that man:

    "Traditionally built means "Strong, flexible, robust. A combination of the light and the massive" in this case."

    Don't you think it's also true about that man? ;)

  2. Adore this. Just everything I remember about wonderful old English pubs. and I can see I need a bean bag.

  3. Perfectly titled image. The wrting aswellas the striking image are why
    lurk herem but should comment more.

  4. Well....
    hello there, darlin'.

  5. The world doesn't seem to be heavy ;-)

  6. Ooops, anynymous was me, Ingrid.