Monday, 18 August 2008

There are no Russians in Richmond Park - # 08/193

People who leave large foot prints are much in the news today as the Russian Army enjoys its Summer Holidays in sunny Georgia.

Yesterday I spotted this brand new foot print in Richmond Park. Only one animal in Britain can leave a print like this.............a Badger (an appropriate name for the circumstances, perhaps). He's been digging a new set in sandy soil and must have left his mark only a few hours before I arrived. Badgers are protected beasts, so nobody will dare call a conference to discuss (at great length) how to remove him.


  1. Interesting shot today. Don't know much about a badger but that they have very long claws. Wouldn't mess with one.

    OK, rumor has it you have been giving some expert advice on night/low light shooting. Care to share with someone who desperately needs it? Email me if you have a minute. Thanks!

  2. That must be nice to know the a badger can roam at will in your area. We got raccoons and possum and that's about it.

  3. How fascinating. And I love your first sentence!