Saturday, 23 August 2008

That one's gone for a four - # 08/198

...some excellent village green cricket was being played today on the Green in front of the 300 yr old St. Anne's church at Kew. Bright warm sun, a pleasant breeze with a touch of cloud from time to time all making for a pleasant combination. Cricket has been played here since 1737:

The batting was exciting, with both men aggressively hitting to score. Fielding was also good, with fast accurate throw-backs and recovery.

I've decided to offer a "spot the ball" competition. The winner can have an A4 colour print of this posted to the address of their choice. My decision is final.

Technical: Olympus E3, Lens set at 400mm, aperture priority at f5.6 and ISO 200. Camera selected 1/320th second.


  1. It's out here in front of the batsman just into the longer grass past the white line a little further out that the line of the keepers left shoe. I really don't know what that position is called: maybe long-off. Is there such a thing?

    The only thing wrong with my guess is that neither of the slips has reacted and the keeper is still in his catching position.

  2. If any blog makes me miss a Britain I love it's your's. Your pub pics and today's especially. Cricket on the village green. Is there anything more English?

    I think he whacked the ball for a six!

  3. Nicely executed pull shot, although I would have preferred a cover drive myself. The pull shot has deteriorated into the slog sweep so prevalent of that nasty 20-20 variant. "Clearing the front foot and pulling it to leg" is the euphemism commentators are using to describe what was aptly called a "cow shot" in my day.

    I find the "spectators" in the background rather whimsical and poignant. Reminds me of lines from A E Houseman's "Is my team ploughing" although the game in question there is football

    'Is football playing
    Along the river shore,
    With lads to chase the leather,
    Now I stand up no more?'

    Ay, the ball is flying,
    The lads play heart and soul;
    The goal stands up, the keeper
    Stands up to keep the goal.

    (full text is here)

  4. That's an intense moment you captured that, Chuckeroon. ^_^

  5. Very nice blog!

    I've added you to my blogroll, keep up with the good stuff!

  6. Chuckeroon, I would like to use your photograph for my poster for the Kew Green Charity Cricket event on bank holiday monday and also on the front cover of our program for the day. Could you please email me at to let me know if you want to charge for the use of this photo and if so how much it would be. Thank you. Jude Tugman