Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Two figures in a dream - # 08/195

This piece of "Expressionism" is a pure photograph, which came direct from the camera. i.e. this is how I set up the camera and this is the result. No Photoshop or post processing were involved except for a minor darkening of the shadow area.

a) Do you like it? b) How did I do it?


  1. I THINK maybe you overexposed it. The only reason I know is that many times mine come out like this unintentionally. There have been some that I liked and i really like yours. The darkness in the background makes it work, rather than a totally overexposed shot. my humble opinion. Can't wait to hear how you really did it.

  2. I agree, it looks like massive overexposure - exposing for the dark shadows areas in the wood. NB auto-exposure cameras will do this for you all by themselves if you let them. I might like it more if you crop the bottom off

  3. 'Richard.......Yep...should have cropped the bottom but. You final ambiguity leaves me as confused as the photo. I really must learn to keep myself to myself.

    BTW...are you enjoying the Festival?

  4. I do like it! It looks surreal ... I did the same experiment once, but with a different subject.

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  6. Yeah - I like it (but you would have guessed that).