Saturday, 9 August 2008

Enlightenment - # 08/185

See! The door that once barred our way to brilliance and clarity of mind now stands open, and knowledge beckons. At the end there flickers the promise that we may dine with the gods; become as they are, and know Truth. But we hesitate.


  1. Is it the entrance to your favotite pub? After some drinks with friends we have the feeling to touch the Thruth of the Universe........ :)
    Magnificent picture! You are the best "black and white" artist! Cheers!

  2. But is it to door to all knowledge of things like White Balance and how to take a great photograph like this!

    I know, I know - buy an Olympus!

    Love the commentary. Love the photograph. Your words always make me stop and think - and I'm not talking photography here.

  3. Seras tu en pleine période mysthique ?
    Cette histoire ressemble fort à celle d'Adam et Eve : le serpent leur a promis la connaissance s'ils mordaient dans la pomme et ils ont été chassés du paradis terrestre


    Nous avons toujours envie de ce que nous n'avons pas.
    J'aime que la voie proposée, lumineuse, soit sur un coté de l'image, en l'occurence ici la gauche, alors qu'à droite le mur noir se dresse devant nos yeux.

  4. You are a master of BW. Grand photo today!

  5. I dunno. This photo makes me really sad.
    I see sorrow.

  6. Drawn to another of your b&w shots.
    Have to say this is the pretty side.
    Marvellous use of light and fine words to accompnay

  7. A noble sentiment... if only we could open those doors so easily without a lifetime of toil and failure.

    One can only hope I suppose.