Monday, 4 August 2008

Not your usual daily Richmond 1 - # 08/182

Here's an attempt at "urban renewal". This new office complex has appeared like a mushroom on a derelict industrial yard. It sits in it's little enclave surrounded by bijou workmen's cottages dating from the 1870s.

From 04.30 in the mornig until late at night it is overflown every 90 seconds by low flying airliners bound for the South Runway at Heathrow Airport.

I feel sorry for it.


  1. Between the flight path and the railway, it can't be much fun going out on balcony for some air!

    I notice the 'For Sale' sign. Perhaps it was an attempt to build and flip in the last phase of the real estate bubble (now bust).

  2. Stunning building but boy you would need ear-plugs!!!

  3. Maybe the building is a plane spotter! If so it would be in it's element. Great b/w shot. Certainly one for the archives.

  4. Very interesting series of photos recently, thematic - I pick this one as my favourite. Can't really explain why, but it jumped at me.

    How are you deciding whether to do B+W or colour these days? I sit a bit like what they do at the start of a test match?

  5. Je ne sais en quoi consiste le "nouveau Chuckeroon", ce que je sais c'est que les rails ici ressemblent tout à fait à des rails de petit train, tu sais ceux là même que les pères achètent à leurs petits garçons pour jouer eux même avec. L'éclairage leur donne une dimension et une présence incroyable accentuée par leur forme incurvée.