Saturday 28 November 2009

Big Glitcher! - # 09/160

Wooo! Scareeee!

I've got 3 hard drives and suddenly the one carrying the main Lightroom Catalogue glitched.  Thanks to the excellence of Lightroom and having over 2,000 photos backed up on 2 drives I rebuilt the whole catalogue in a trice thanks to the Lightroom back-up catalogue system.

Don't ask me what happened, but here's a photo that does what all photos tells a story!  This character occupies the Ham House messroom. Yes. It's a scary one. 


  1. Well I would have run screaming like a banshee to the Apple Store with my Mac under my arm. Good for you for knowing what to do.

    BTW, tomorrow in my Paris blog I have a photo that might interest you. Maybe you will know what the young woman was using to clean the wall in the church. If you don't know, we're pretty much out of luck!

  2. Scary indeed. Makes me realise I should do something sensible in terms of backup and look into Lightroom, which I've been promising to do for yonks. Well done to you for getting back on track so quickly.

  3. Light room ? Je ne connais pas, pour mon plus grand bien sans doute.
    Ta photo ressemble au réfrigérateur de mes cousins à Kourou. Ils y mettent tout, du café aux céréales, au sucre, sel, poivre, épices, de crainte des fourmis.
    Chez toi il y a de drôles d'animaux contre lesquels il te semble difficile de te défendre...