Monday 25 April 2011

2 hours later - # 58/2011

2 hours after dawn the sun is at a good angle to capture the magnificence of Old Menton, and the light begins to release the essence of the place.  Of course an early morning walk out to the end of the harbour breakwater to catch the colours as they change minute by minute and to take in the whole width of the town is what dedicated "real" photographers would be doing.

Sunday 24 April 2011

Sunrise out of Italy - # 57/2011

Having been away I don't have any images of Richmond to offer for the time being.  So, from Menton, thanks to the well-oriented balconies of the excellent Hotel Napoleon, here is an image of the dawn rising out of Italy.  Already, Genoa and Ventimiglia, behind the headland are bathed in morning light. The dawn is breaking over France and the town of Menton.  For a few minutes the sky is liquid gold. The border is formed by the mountains as they form the headland sweeping down the sea, all nice and neat, to divide Italy from France.  The road and railway to Italy must pass through the tunnel.

Saturday 23 April 2011

Girl on a motorcycle - # 56/2011

All over France girls are riding motorcycles. They ride them in Britain, too - but not like in France.  The best shot of all (which, of course I missed) was the girl in high heels on a motorcycle! Lesson.....never switch off the camera , and never put on the lens cover until the very end of the day. Next time I go to France I plan to photograph absolutely nothing but girls on motorcycles. I'll just sit by a road for 2 weeks and snap away. Every snap will be a winner.