Friday 25 February 2011

Urban experience - # 40/2011

Once a royal hunting park where deer roamed, the "Old Deer Park" car park has few charms.  On the other hand, it does have a strange atmosphere as a piece of "Urban-Techno" art about it - at least, that is how it is at night. It conveys a strangely comfortable feeling of "cosy alienation". It somehow says "Yes, this is home.  Like me or loathe me, I'm yours".  I really have tried to do my best with it.


  1. The road (A316) behind the car park is beautiful when the cherry trees are blossoming.

    My mother told me that the building of the road through the Old Deer Park in the 1930s caused great controversy.

    I can never understand why it wasn't built nearer the railway line.

    Thank you for the lovely pictures of my home town, I still live in the borough, albeit across the river, my family have been here over 100 years.

    Regards, PixieMum

  2. @PixieMum.....thks for this. It's good to have this kind of addition the conversation, and your comments are so relevant to the theme.