Tuesday 12 July 2011

Batman's London - # 96/2011

You'll have noticed a lack of "content". While looking about for a bit more inspiration and something "different" I've been spending some time trying to take a look at "the new London", and trying to see what I can make of it. Richmond itself will come back one day, but I need a rest.

This week end took me to the area around Tower Bridge and London Bridge where they are building  the new "Shard" tower  all around there is stunning new architecture with creative view points and vistas. This is indeed 21st Century London, straight out of a 1950s Marvel Comic; and one expects Batman to turn up at any moment, or maybe Superman to snatch somebody to safety, away from an oncoming red London Transport bus. I like it.

And it's very photogenic.


  1. Could be looking at Melbourne.

  2. And....
    I thought you were in a recession?
    Building their way out?

  3. Very striking vertical patterns in these buildings. Almost like variations on a theme.