Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Animal, vegetable, mineral - # 08/62

The great glass-house in the gardens of Syon House.

Camera: Olympus E3


  1. how beautiful this is. I love that someone is sitting on the bench looking at this wonderful building. We share it with him.

    What is the grey building in the background? I thought for a moment it was the Glaxi Smith Klyne building you featured two days ago but of course it isn't. Not dissimilar shape tho. I've forgotten what is where in London but don't think Brentford is at the back of Syon House?

    Lovely shot.

  2. Whoops. typo - meant to write Glaxo.

  3. I visited similar glass-houses during a visit to our "Jardin des Plantes" last weekend! For once, I did not take any photos, but our blogger friend "Cergie" who was present, took some different photos of the garden. This one looks really nice with some perfect British lawns!

  4. @Jilly....Yes, it's the Glaxo building. Brentford is immediately beside Syon/Isleworth.

  5. Une photo partagée en deux:
    1) le ciel
    2) le parc avec la verrière, le bâtiment avec la coupole coupée
    Pas mal, seulement, ne pouvais tu dynamiter la "verrue" grise derrière ?

  6. I like these old glass houses. We have one, too, in the Botanical Garden. But it is not as pretty as this one. And in the back - a strange contrast - I see the blue-grey glass building. Old and new ...

  7. I like the bare tree and the praying mantis(!) fountain.

  8. Have to agree with Cergie. The glass house and trees have a nice simple composition, and the figure and sculpture add interest. GSK is a bit of an unwanted guest. Although I have a purist approach to photography I would have no qualms about airbrushing it out. Now if the intention was to contrast GSK with Syon house .....