Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Cow heaven - # 08/88

The cows have returned to Petersham Meadows after their winter in covered quarters.

Yesterday the cows returned!!! They rushed out of the wagon into the meadow and did a circuit at the gallop around the whole field. They have been in wintering sheds for 6 months and have returned for their 6 months on open grass.

The calves were born in January and have not seen grass or the open meadow until today. See here how they kick their heels and frolic around the meadow alongside their mothers.

Cows on the meadow are an integral part of "the View from Richmond Hill". See: http://www.petershammeadows.org/


  1. That's wonderful... great photo of the moment of 'freedom'.

    3 cheers for fat cows!


  2. It almost looks like they are running away! as if someone said...."BEEF"!cute.

  3. Oh my, this is so nice to see. Those cows and calves love it and you can tell that by their ears. Look at them poked out there. What a treat it must be to be out in the sunshine and fresh air to be able to run and eat and romp and lay down and chew your cud all day. Wow. I smiled all the time I was here, just thinking what it must be like for the cows.

  4. Spring is here! Happy cows. So good to see. Pity someone is going to slaughter them one day...but don't let's tell them.

    And very sorry to read that Petersham Meadows are under threat. I sure hope that doesn't happen. Too much progress...

  5. It's a real talent that can wrest such delight from the backend of bovines. Thanks for bringing it to us.

  6. I grew up on a dairy farm in rural Pennsylvania, and remember well the first days in spring the cows were allowed out after a winter of captivity. Kids on the last day of school had nothing on them.

    I just discovered your site via Abe Lincoln's. Great stuff!!