Sunday, 20 April 2008

Smile! - # 08/79

It's early Spring and the strong, cold, easterly wind is blowing the smell of German pig manure over a distance of 444 miles all the way to the London area. We lift our noses and give our companion a quizzical look. Is that Germany I can smell? (FACT....listen to the BBC it must be true). Whatever....there IS a smell in the air, and this morning Hamburg pig farmers apologised to Britain.

Cold weather and German pig s**t have not dampened the enjoyment of the travelling fun fair on Ham Common.


  1. Well, at least it's not the odourless falout from Chernobyl!
    Sydney Daily Photo

  2. One day we'll bump in to each other on Ham Common or at Ham House because we seem to keep taking photos of the same things on the same days :-) My photos of the Victorian Fair are here

  3. wow, colour. Super photo. All the fun of the fair. Don't know anything about the Hamburg pig farmers but apologies sound like good news.

  4. Loved especially to see the smile of the girl in the middle of the photo, obvioulsy not bothered by the easterly wind and what they brought!