Saturday, 5 April 2008

Rough Nature - the whole story - # 08/65

Two years ago a dog killed the whole family of swans living on the pond. Last year a new swan took over the empty pond and this year found a mate. Canada geese arrived as usual in winter. This Spring the swans have mated and the Cob is now very aggressively defending "his" pond.

Most of the other Canadas have gone but these two remained. Naturally the powerful aggressive swan is keeping them off the small nesting island. Hour by hour he confronts the geese and refuses to let them onto the water.

I captured the goose as she started to lay and egg on the bank. The swan is keeping the two geese off the water. You can see the egg just starting to emerge. Yesterday you saw it two thirds out.


  1. Yesterday's and today's - such lovely photos. I sure hope this swan keeps its mate and gets to live. What happened to the killer dog?!

    Not sure where you got the 200 posts from but I celebrated one year in February. Did you mean to post the congratulations on someone else's blog? or perhaps you found a VERY old posting?

    As you are my camera guru, how about I went into Monaco Dog show and had forgotten to charge my second battery? I need committing somewhere....grrrrrr

  2. It looks so nice and peaceful there in your photos.

    This is nice work. I like everything about it -- light color, shadow, texture.

    I hope you can visit my blog and read about my hospital visit.

    Abraham Lincoln in Brookville, Ohio.

  3. Hi Chuckeroon - so nice to be visiting again. Thanks for your words on my blog - you silver-tongued you!!!!

    Love the bird photos - I am a real bird lover and it is so nice to see life has been renewed there after the massacre.

  4. I guess this is going to be something to watch, even if the outcome may not be pleasant. The nesting place is very vulnerable, not only to the swans. Although I know nothing about these things, I'm surprised a dog got the better of two adult swans.

  5. Looking forward to the birth! Thanks. Enjoy your blog and photos. ~Suz.