Monday, 14 April 2008

Tourists arrive in Richmond - # 08/74


  1. A very old looking street with lots of mystery. Tourists must be those outside at the table. Are all tourists welcomed or are some spat upon? I guess it depends on who is the tourist these days.

  2. Wish I was there, exploring the streets with a large cup of coffee.

  3. this is how I think of Richmond. Just charming.

  4. Nathalie in Avignon14 April, 2008 21:18

    They're here too!
    Funny how they all seem to spring out of nowhere after Easter, eh?

  5. If that is all you get then I would be delighted however if I was a store owner selling genuine Richmond artifacts I might be a little despondent!!!!

    It is such a charming place it is a wonder it is not full of people.

  6. I have been following your blog for a while now, but hadn't commented until now. This exact spot was the location of a hilariously funny and memorable moment from my time living in Richmond. I forwarded it along to all the people who were there that day and it sparked an afternoon of recollection and memories.
    If I remember correctly there is another tiny alleyway on which you can find the Britannia, another spot of many great Richmond memories.
    Thanks so much for this photo, it has made the day of many!


  7. Great shot from outside the Princes's.. where I once worked for a time.. As for the tourists, we can always tell them as they have their heads in the sky checking the planes inbound to Heathrow.. but a great spring shot of Richmond

  8. Good to see that people are already sitting outdoors to drink! Nice to see you in Paris...on Peter's blog!

    Greetings from Toruń DP!

  9. Il y a de l'ombre et du soleil par chez toi !
    C'est sûr, ce sont des touristes du moins ceux qui fuient le soleil...
    Je me souviens être allée en Suède où tout le monde est tout noir ("bronzé" cela veut dire, et non pas "saoul comme une barrique", je précise car tu parles bien le français) car dès qu'ils peuvent, ils font une cure d'UV.
    Pas facile de gérer des contrastes de lumière pareil, surtout lorsqu'on est plutôt habitué au fog. Cependant, tu t'en es bien tiré

    Je t'ai vu chez Peter ! Un jour tu me feras signe, n'est ce pas quand tu passeras le Channel ?
    On parlera français ! Ca te fera du bien de "practicer" !