Sunday, 27 April 2008

Studies in glass 5 - # 08/86

We are all familiar with those computer programmes that convert photos to look like oil or water colour paintings.

Here I'm showing the effect of a 17th century glass window. I wanted to capture the "glimpse of a nice roof" through the church window. Looking at the photo I discovered this effect caused by the old glass. The tiny church was severely damaged by wartime bombing, but it looks as if this piece of 400 yr old glass survived.


  1. I'm enjoying this series of studies in glass tremendously. My favourites so far are numbers 3 and 4. So glad you didn't settle for b&w on yesterday's! I definitely don't understand how Richard sees the world in b&w... I must be like a mapgpie, I always find myself attracted to all things colour.

  2. Great picture today, I love that unusual view!

    Today I'm saying a huge big thank you for the support shown by CDP bloggers.