Wednesday, 16 April 2008

'roony's big day out - # 08/75

Yesterday Mrs 'roony allowed 'roony to go to Paris on Eurostar to meet Peter and Richard for a full and frank exchange of views. The French got wind of this and staged a riot at the Gare du Nord which delayed the high speed train by almost 20 minutes (such is the efficiency of the French riot police who are used to this everyday minor occurrence).

My two "pics of the day" are this moody (slightly shaky) but none the less representative shot of the magnificent staircase in the Opera and below a detail of the grand dome in the recently restored and totally stunning "Belle Epoque" style Galleries Lafayette department store.

Peter and Richard were delightful companions and 'roony returned tired but grateful to the French riot police for all they had done to make his trip successful.


  1. Hehe - "didn't we have a luvally time.."

    You'd think we were all kids who had never been to the seaside, but that's how I felt. That first photo has a special kind of feel - like candelight in a theatre.

  2. That first photograph is just wonderful, Chuckeroon. Has such a beautiful quality - as Richard said, like candlelight.

    As for Galleries Lafayette, as I said on Richard's blog, it's the greatest place to have lunch when in Paris, looking up at all those wonders. Adore that store - you don't need to shop, just look and look and look - trouble is they always have such great things to buy as well, guess what....

  3. So glad mrs. chuckeroon let you go!
    So glad our riot police was so efficient (didn't we handle the olympic flame march brilliantly?)
    So glad you took these brilliant photos
    So glad you had a great time with those two little devils
    So jealous I wasn't with you!

  4. Thought I commented here yesterday, but....

    Ys, it was really nice to meet and I appreciated every moment. Happy also to see that you and Richard made the best out of it, also when it comes to the photographic part!

  5. These are just beautiful photos.

  6. Wish my wife would let me catch the train to France.

  7. 'Roony, Peter and Richards Big Day Out - what fun!!!!

    Paris is my fav place in the world and to be there with blogging friends must have been such a hoot!!!!