Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Attention to small details - # 08/89

A workman in touch with his aesthetic side takes care of the needs of Mercury after the ravages of winter and squirrels with sharp teeth.

Those keen on "aesthetic" work may like to see Nathalie's post from Avignon: a fine photographer with a fine sense of humour.


  1. Well now - they should have sent for one of us girls!

    Great shot, Chuckeroon. Made my day.

  2. Nathalie in Avignon30 April, 2008 20:53

    Laughing and laughing again!

    Our two posts go so well together today!

    Now tell me, you must have made this one up, it's too good to be true !

    We should have a humourous "theme day" one of those days, I'm sure we'd all have some pretty funny ones to share!

  3. Chuckeroon, I've linked my post today to your photo, the coincidence is just too much fun to miss. I hope many visitors get to see your humorous photo... and the others.

  4. I guess even a winged God needs a little touchup now and then!

    That one's a topper...


  5. hehe
    I'd rather have the job in Monte Carlo depicted by Jilly yesterday

  6. For sure there are some peculiar jobs in this world. Nice picture!

  7. *lol* Attention to details and the most important parts ever ;-))

  8. eek - squirrels. Reminds me of a joke, but perhaps it's not suitable for the gentle souls of CDP...

  9. His hands must have been cold.