Thursday, 17 April 2008

Natural light, Spring foliage - # 08/76

This is the view from my lounge window at this time of year. You can't beat it.


  1. The sky is framed beautifully by the foliage!

    Blogger is being temperamental and is giving me a hard time uploading my images, and just when I'm approaching my 500th post!!

  2. I love that weird kind of light, when the sky is dark but the sunlight comes in from below and beside. Great colours!

  3. Now I couldn't work out how those lovely trees were lit with that ominous sky, so am grateful to Mary Deb. It's a lovely shot, beautiful trees - isn't Spring uplifting! You have a lovely view, Chuckeroon.

    the sky is almost painted, circles on circles.

  4. That sky look fierce, this is an amazing shot, simply beautiful.