Friday, 4 April 2008

Hot News !!!!!! - # 08/64

Look can see the egg is two thirds out. Taken this very morning!


  1. My goodness imagine being able to capture that! Er i mean by camera. Well done Chuckeroon it's fab.

  2. EWWWWW - that's dis-gusting!
    Although, she is doing it rather elegantly - none of that screaming and sweating carry on.
    I think whomever invented the "cloaca" word should be commended - it's a fabulous word.
    And for that matter - the actual cloaca itself should be more celebrated - it is a very efficient design.
    Really extraordinary to get this shot mid laying.
    Perhaps you could go back in a couple of days and get the baby mid hatch!

  3. If this is not a fake it is gorgeous, just in the right moment. But why does she lay the egg in such a place?

  4. Hi Roon, here I am for my weekly visit and look what I get... eggs!! ;))
    Great shot! The animal by the vegetable and the mineral also looks great! And also loved the grey and rain pictures: it improves your self-esteem and makes it feel that not living in London is not that shameful... ;))
    Have a great weekend!
    Look forward to seeing you back Blogtrotter

  5. Have just looked again at this photograph - my goodness, what a fabulous shot, Chuckeroon. Talk about being around at the right moment. Well done.