Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Brilliant Friday - # 08/68

The images captured last Friday are too good to waste, so for the next day or two I'll be alternating between glorious Friday and grey, wet Saturday. (I didn't bother with snowy Sunday). This shot was taken from Richmond Bridge looking down-river. The steamer is one of many, and the umbrellas shade the tables of a terrace cafe.


  1. Great photo... in fact all your pictures have an air of tranquility and interest that draws the viewer in.

    Or maybe I just need a vacation...

    Anyhow... thanks for the cyber vacation along the shores of the Thames.


  2. Oh super - brilliant Friday is brilliant indeed. What a setting, what a scene. That boat is in the perfect position. Aren't you clever! Can imagine how very nice it would be to sit under those unbrellas with a glass of something cool - perhaps a Pinot Grigio...and a ploughman's lunch. Haven't had one of those for years!

    See what your photographs have done? Sent me off to the realms of the imagination. Lovely photo, Chuckeroon.

  3. What a wondeful scene - makes you dream you were onboard the steamer! (Same weather experience in Paris as in London.)

  4. Difficile de garder le cap, n'est ce pas Capitaine ? Tu as de jolies photos et es obligé de changer de programme ?
    Tu as bien fait. J'aime ici le contraste avec les grosses masses au premier plan (les demi sphères de pierre et les triangles des toiles de tentes) et la légéreté du reste de l'image, avec des arbres dénudés et la perpective barrée par le pont.