Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Antiques, Doors and Brass - # 09/80

I wonder where, and in whom, this picture will resonate? We've stepped across the Thames into the suburban village of Teddington (part of the Borough of Richmond) into the delightful Teddington High Street where small shops still dominate and the "Big Chains" are few and tightly restricted, or simply not present.

What do we see? First a magnificent late 19th C building retaining most of its original features and tucked just beside it on the right the hint of an early 18th C mansion. Small shops make a delightful display of colour and diversity. In the foreground, in the right hand corner is the green shoulder of a new building, on a demolished site, but rebuilt to replicate the old style and maintain harmony. It's occupied by Starbucks (a pity, but not the end of the world) and the ambiance survives. L'Amandine, opposite is also a cafe chain, but my opening comments about "Chains" being tightly restricted are still valid.

It takes 45 minutes to stroll the whole length of Teddington High St. It's like stepping back 100 years.


  1. 45 minutes ? Tu comptes aussi le temps pour boire le thé aggrémenté d'une petite gourmandise ?

  2. @Cergie...mais bien sur, Toi! Cette "High St." doit avoir la concentration la plus intense du monde de petits cafes agreeables (Sorry, France) ;-)

  3. Hmmmm.. sounds very refreshing, sounds like my kind of street. Flaneur-friendly

  4. This is just how I like to think of England and how marvellous it's still there!

  5. Hi Stuart! Lovely building, wonderful photo. For me the best is the «Mercado», Portuguese word for market... ;))
    Want to see Trakai? Blogtrotter has it… Enjoy and have a great weekend!