Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Richmond Frontline 2 - Broad Shoulders - # 09/96

The "Greek Shopping Experience"........In the mid to late 19th century it appears that it was thought stylish to flank shop windows with a set of magnificently sculptured "shoulders". Here's a fine example in Teddington High St. There are many others in various states of preservation and quality. These are in the Classical Style, but others are more curvaceous and romantic. The 21st century shopping mall in steel and glass cannot compete with these elegant street-level "decorations on a human scale". The is a strong sense of leisure and style as you stroll from small specialist retail shop to small specialist shop.

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  1. Hi Stuart! This one is amazing. Abit in need of some restoring, but quite nice!!

    Blogtrotter is showing some sights of the most northern capital city in the world. Enjoy and have a great weekend!