Thursday 20 August 2009

1/15sec #2 - # 09/118

It's not so speedy here! The rule is: Just snap randomly at 1/15th second. Having stowed the bike I dive into Ham House and snap randomly (honest; it's random) as I enter the "dungeon" where those of us who are too horrible to be seen in full daylight toil and strive to repair the unrepairable.

This is a random shot of a striving colleague.


  1. So what is that enormous piece of furniture (!) with a sort of scallop shell decoration- in the middle of the photo? It doesn't look as if it remotely belongs to Ham House.

  2. Glad you can take some 'randomness" along with the rest of us duffers.
    Fascinating seeing this place. I would love to wander around and drive everyone crazy with questions as I snapped photos. Thanks for the insider's view C.!

  3. Have you tried the one where you attach the camera to a piece of string, set the self-timer, and swing it around your head?

  4. ... if you try it with the E3, better use two pieces of string....

  5. Hi Stuart!
    Quite weird this one...
    Have a great weekend!

  6.'re very welcome. Come and try it next year. It's the nearest you'll get to being smack bang back in the 17th C.

    @Richard.....more likely a hawser woven for HMS Victory's main anchor. BUT "the Health & Safety Men" wld ban it even with that degree of security. Olympus built the E3 "to last".

    @Jilly....they are garden chairs modelled on an old archive picture of the garden. A bit of a mystery. We are repairing them. Yuk!