Tuesday 15 December 2009

The British Grenadier - # 09/164

Two young Grenadiers in the helicopter returning from a gruelling tour in Helmand.

This photo was taken by Cpt Alexander Allan, Grenadier Guards.  He will not mind my showing it and mentioning my profound support and respect for these men.

I bought this copy as a contribution in support for the British soldiers wounded in this campaign.  Cpt Allan has now published a book of photographs.

On 29 October 2009, Third Millennium Publishing, launched  "Afghanistan: A Tour of Duty", the very first book of its kind, which reveals a remarkable photographic portrait of the Afghanistan campaign, taken by the former Grenadier Guards officer operating from the front line in the Helmand province. All profits from the book will be donated by Third Millennium to BLESMA (British Limbless Ex Service Men’s Association).


  1. Great photo and a really good cause too. I see more people wearing various regimental wristbands these last few months. I have a Coldstream Guards one, wrong outfit for me but they do recruit around Yorkshire

  2. A wonderful way to support the troops! The young men looks so virile and alive!

  3. Hi my friend great to catch up with your wonderful blog again. Hope all is well with you. I have had a busy year travelling PNG with my new advisory job - will continue with it next year so it makes blogging impossible, but do like to touch base when I can with some of my "old" friends!!!
    Have a wonderful Christams and 2010 - gosh where did 2009 go??

  4. I was wonderiing where did you find this one!! Great!!

  5. Quel bleu merveilleux ont les yeux de ces jeunes hommes. Je sais que mon grand père avait les yeux bleus, il est décédé si jeune (48 ans) des suites de la 1ère guerre mondiale qu'il a faite en entier, et à l'époque il ne fallait pas se plaindre.
    A notre époque aussi il ne faut pas se plaindre, il faut sourire...
    Ma petite fille qui a 4 mois et demi a les yeux de ce bleu. Cela lui vient de mon grand'père et aussi parce que c'est une petite bretonne (pas une "grande bretonne") puisque son père est un pur breton et un pur celte.
    Un merveilleux portrait que tu as tiré là, un beau témoignage et un bel hommage...