Friday 18 December 2009

When we walked on streets of gold - # 09/165

And do you remember when we walked on streets of gold?

Out late last night to photograph the party season crowd milling around the night club area.  The severe weather warning came true and left Trevor and me slaving over a freezing cold camera seeking sites that were a bit sheltered from the icey blast.  The car traffic was down to a miserable trickle and the bouncers were cowering in the entry doors.  Trevor struggled to keep the umbrella in a position where it shielded the lens, stayed out of shot, and was not at an angle that allowed the wind to catch it and whip it away.  Just remember one thing..........night shots are fun.  (Note and afterthought: wives were a bit quiet and unwelcoming when we finally got home. Must get to the bottom of that.)

Camera: Olympus E3. Fully Manual settings. ISO 100 f11.0 Shutter various around 3.5 to 10.0 secs.  Lens Olympus 14mm - 35mm f2.0.  White balance auto, tweaked later to slightly enhance blue and gold.  The B&W version lacks impact, so chose colour. 


  1. Well I'm laughing trying to picture the whole scenario C. I'm not sure who Trevor is but I"m guessing he's the counterpart to my Bill, who drags me through the woods to photograph 100 year old tombstones and the like. Nice to have a photography buddy, oui? I'm recruiting him for a night shoot in downtown B'ham soon. Not a place for me alone.

    All that said, this is a great shot. Streets of gold indeed.

  2. Wonderful shot! We are freezing here at +3ยบ Celsius... We freeze at higher temperatures... ;))

  3. Oh dear, Stuart, the story behind this photo is as impressive as the photo itself. Was it on another such expedition that you got hurt?

    Your description of the weather conditions sounds pretty horrific.