Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Conceptual art - # 03/10

Another "hi-tech" offering from the camera phone which encapsulates a number of stages in life, or perhaps "event concepts".

The bed doesn't match up to Tracy Emmin's world-acclaimed artisitic achievement, but the good thing is;  It will not be there much longer!!!!!  Very soon, this bed will be cleared from the living room and I will start to live normally again in my house.

I've been taught to manage going up stairs, and the zimmer frame has been replaced by sticks and I'm told that the time has come to "Get outside and walk about".

The weather is absolutely AWFUL with torrents of rain, grey cloud and low temperatures.  Therfore I would rather contemplate the second item - The Watercolour above the bed.  This vibrant and sunny work of art cheers me up whenever I look at it.  It's a painting of a street scene in Cuba. 

So, that's it: a bit of gloom relieved by a bright and vibrant outlook.   


  1. And what ho the tapestry? And the casually tossed trakky-daks?

    Don't you DARE go outside when the weather is like that! I know you are a bloke ... and blokes have occasionally be known to be pig-headed ... but ...

  2. Yup, you need to heed Julie's warning, but, oh, how heavenly it will be for you to get a whiff of fresh air again!

  3. So this time it's no so much your physical condition than the weather that keeps you trapped indoors ? But surely it won't last long and hey, the news are good. Being able to walk upstairs, being told to get outside and walk about... Soon that bed will be cleared away, you'll be heading out the door - Oh the joy that the most simple things can bring!

    I'm all with you Stuart!

  4. Well thank God you are not showing us your loo!

    I do like the painting and am delighted to hear you are now on sticks. Great progress!

  5. Jilly Jilly Jilly ... don't tempt the man! You know how incorrigible he is!!

  6. You can come in stay in my garden shed if you like.
    Lots of sunshine over here.
    Good for semi-invalids.
    There's a dam over the fence for a bit of hydrotherapy.

  7. @jilly.........Oooo, now there's an idea. A video showing me taking 5 minutes to struggle to raise my self up off it.

  8. Next they'll be telling you to start jogging. Don't listen to them.

  9. *giggling with joy whilst shaking her head*

  10. Pretty soon all we'll see is you with a trail of dust behind you! You've made wonderful progress I think and soon the weather will clear and warm up and you'll be out in the yard soaking up the sunshine and gaining your strength. Well done!