Friday, 12 February 2010

Russia through my window - # 01/10

Don't worry about the room. Look at the birch tree and the way it catches the light. (Lying in my bed, set up in the living room) I have the pleasure of spending hours looking at this scene.  I had to snap it with the lens available because for the time being that's how life is: just be grateful for what you have, and indeed I found I am rich in friends. 

In Russia there is tradition of painting gorgeous miniatures on little lacquered papier machee boxes.  There are, I recall, three distinct styles (names escape me) and I collected them when I travelled on business to Russia.

The birch tree and everything about it captures those lovely paintings that are so uniquely Russian.

For those of you who worry about me: I am now learning to walk again and trying to bring my useless shoulder back to its normal power and range of movement. My right leg is re-inforced with a very long titanium metal bar, and this is screwed into my hip to stop the leg dropping off!  At least that's what the x-ray looked like when I saw it.  It was indeed a "nasty fall".

In a month from now I hope to be "normal".  Thanks for all your kind wishes.


  1. My goodness, even a serious "handicap" cannot keep a photographer down! Your description of the Russian art on boxes has a parallel with your photo...yes, soft light it is!

  2. So glad you are healing.

  3. good to see you back blogging
    hope you are well on the mend


  4. Nice use of memory and the imagination here, Stuart. The light and early warmth on the fragile branches gives much to reflect upon.

    Have strength, my friend. We are with you.

  5. I'm propped up in bed at the moment (nothing as impressive as a falling off leg, just a cold) looking out my window at a row of Norfolk Pines.
    How come looking at trees makes one feel better?
    When Vince was in hospital with his canker rot of the brain - I spent endless hours staring out the window overlooking Melbourne's Fitzroy Gardens.
    I am a lover of the birch tree - I have planted one out the front of our new home and here is the one at our old home

    Do you have one of those stick things with the claws on the end for picking stuff up?

    And I'll give you a helpful hint about titanium (vince has some holding his brain in place) - every time vince walks past the tv - the signal goes haywire - so if you are having trouble lately with the tele.....

  6. Don't cha just love Letty?

  7. Chuckeroon, that was sure enough a nasty fall. Glad you're getting back to it.

    Really, Letty, you should send Chuckeroon a message every day to entertain him. Or send me one.

  8. Still laughing at Freefalling's comment!

    How lovely that tree is, framed as you have with that gorgeous light and shade. So good to see you back at work!

    Keep doing what you are told and you'l be back on your feet quick as a wink! Perhaps a long wink but you'll do it.

    I'd love to see this shot again - one day - taken on a longer lens, so you see just the tree and the corner of that building.

  9. @Freefalling: no but the digital DAB radio somtimes squawks. Tks for the tip. What wld we do without the www ?

    @Jilly: it's worth it.

  10. Oh good, you've got your camera close by. I know you're on the mend now, snapping from your bed!!

    What a wonderful attitude and spirit you have C. I doubt most of us would have it after what you've been through.

    I look forward to more lovely shots as this one today. Oh the light is delicious.

  11. Good to know that you will be able to see this beautiful birch tree getting its leafs, walking around in your garden .... and forgetting about this long winter!

  12. Just sticking my head around the corner again ... g'day!

  13. Thanks for sharing this gorgeous view from your window with us. You are so right about accepting gracefully what life brings you AND working hard to getting yourself back together again (humpty dumpty you are not)

    My thoughts are with you !