Sunday 7 March 2010

Not needed on voyage - # 07/10

I never needed the wheel chair (lent by a kind friend).  The weather was always too cold to be pushed out.  Now the Spring sun is shining and I can walk out on my two sticks. 

The wheel chair just provides a good subject as I play about and experiment with the camera.  


  1. Well my friend, sometimes bad things help us in ways we never imagined. I think you have turned what most of us would have considered life changing ( in a bad way) into a wonderful opportunity to explore and expand your already exceptional photographic skills! What a GREAT shot today and one that you might not have been taken six months ago, I'd venture. I say BRAVO!

    And I'm glad you didn't need the chair. Those sticks are going to go flying any day now, I just know it. Oh, and when they do, I want a photograph of it!

  2. Indeed, good to know it was not needed. And an inspired use of sepia given the circumstances.

    A dear friend of mine, probably my dearest, has well advanced MS. She has just been convinced to use a stick, but gets very impatient with it.

    It is good to know that the weather is improving and that you may be able to be out a bit more than previously.

    Thinking of you a la a Dusty S. song ...

  3. Il est une chose de bon d'avoir à se servir d'un tel "instrument", de même d'être "handicapé" provisoirement, on se rend compte comme la vie est dificile pour les personnes qui sont tributaires pour toujours de ces auxilliaires de vie. Cette roue, tu l'as photographiée de l'extérieur, il y a un cercle avec lequel la main pousse pour faire avancer le fauteuil. Et quand la route est sale comme souvent en France parce que les gens ne font pas attention à leurs petits amis à 4 pattes, c'est très désagréable que la main se salisse aussi.
    Tu prends des photos,tu as de l'humour et c'est ce qu'il faut pour apprécier ce qui semble si naturel et si simple sinon : profiter du soleil, mettre un pied devant l'autre et ne dépendre de personne pour aller où bon semble.

  4. What a beautiful shot. I'm with Virginia in her comment. A good photographer can find something to shoot and make beautiful and interesting regardless of where they are - as you so wonderfully illustrate. Good to know the wheels weren't needed, Chuckeroon. Now we need to see the sticks!