Sunday 14 March 2010

Going to the toilet - # 09/10

I know you are all waiting for an arty shot of two walking sticks, but this is hot stuff, and far better!!

Imagine a tripod in the alleyway, and me hobbling and leaping "stickless" (sticks parked against a trash bin) setting the camera to snap two seedy blokes chatting in a toilet doorway.

It's my first real "outing" apart from a trip in a taxi to the physiotherapist.  The scene is two real, absolutely genuine "artists" chatting in the doorway of the "Toilet Gallery" in Kingston upon Thames.  The gallery is run by Kingston University and is sited in a derelict ladies' toilet down an alleyway behind a pub.  AND.....get this!!!!!  Behind the toilet in the other courtyard is the grave of Nipper; the dog who features on the famous HMV (His Master's Voice) record label.  (I'm grateful to the curator and the artists featured who went to a small amount of trouble to help me create this image.)


  1. Yesssss well done Stuart!
    I'm with you all the way on this one. What a fun shot!

  2. And, we're grateful for the image that indicate super-human effort on your part to continue your recovery and photographic journey which delights and inspires us!

  3. All of the above, plus I'm impressed that you know where Nipper is buried.

  4. The enthusiasm - nay, childish delight, even - is very becoming, my man!!

    I was becoming concerned when you combined outing and toilet block ... but all was revealed as I read on. Phew!

  5. Well how exciting. I knew you were destined for great things! And that moment has arrived! This is great fun Stuart and I so agree with Julie who talks about your enthusiams and childish delight. It should ever be thus.

    Now I'd love to see Nipper's grave - please!

  6. I suspect prescription painkillers had something to do with all of this Stuart! HA You are hilarious. I'm shaking my head and LOL.

    Now, when do I see the artsy stick photo? Hummm?

  7. I immediately thought, "My god, the crippled pervert, out after dark....."

    But an interesting piece instead