Monday, 25 April 2011

2 hours later - # 58/2011

2 hours after dawn the sun is at a good angle to capture the magnificence of Old Menton, and the light begins to release the essence of the place.  Of course an early morning walk out to the end of the harbour breakwater to catch the colours as they change minute by minute and to take in the whole width of the town is what dedicated "real" photographers would be doing.


  1. REAL photographers get up early. I"m a slacker and I know it. I am so glad you had a chance to see Menton with Jilly again! I can hardly wait for more photos from this trip.

  2. Too bad I couldn't be with you this time!

  3. Tu n'es pas donc un vrai photographe ?
    Le plus important n'est-il pas de prendre les photos avec ses yeux et de les partager avec ses mots comme tu l'as fait ?
    Ta chambre semblait merveilleusement située.