Saturday 23 April 2011

Girl on a motorcycle - # 56/2011

All over France girls are riding motorcycles. They ride them in Britain, too - but not like in France.  The best shot of all (which, of course I missed) was the girl in high heels on a motorcycle! Lesson.....never switch off the camera , and never put on the lens cover until the very end of the day. Next time I go to France I plan to photograph absolutely nothing but girls on motorcycles. I'll just sit by a road for 2 weeks and snap away. Every snap will be a winner.


  1. Oh and I hope I can sit with you and snap away at everything we see. I put mine on program so I don't miss the street shots. I'm know you big guys cringe but I have missed too many fiddling with my settings. Love this shot S.

  2. I can imagine V. snapping away at the Englishman who whenever he visits the Riviera sits by the road all day and takes photos of nothing but girls on motorcycles. He's a bit of a lunatic but that's the way we love him :-)