Saturday 11 June 2011

Black Friars' Bridge, St. Paul's and the City - # 87/2011

Another shot of the the City of London under a dramatic cloudscape. Brilliant sunshine, the time of day and the weather came together to produce this and reward my day out hunting for good images of London.


  1. Hi Stuart! With the long weekend here in Lisbon (four days off...), I finally manage to stroll around Blogosphere...
    Fabulous shot!! No other comments...

    Blogtrotter Two is visiting some beautiful villages... Enjoy and have a splendid Sunday!!

  2. Quel ciel ! Tu te prends pour Turner ? Il manque juste des personnes sur un quai au premier plan...

  3. Wooooo, how fabulous. What a skyscape that makes the view even more dramatic. Wonderful wonderful light. Oh well done! Such depth to this photo.

  4. Dramatic is not the word, maybe awesome. Simply wonderful shot of the Skyline, the river, and the clouds. Seeing Christopher Wren's St. Paul at the center brings back a memory of being in London on a Sunday and attending services at St Paul's. I will never forget the powerful organ and the chants enhanced by the echo in that cavernous place.

  5. Dramatic IS the word - maybe that's were English and American differ :-)
    And BEAUTIFUL too.