Wednesday 22 June 2011

Pregnant pause - # 94/2011

Shouldn't really do this. I said earlier that it was the last Dungeness image. However, I just liked the sense of mystery, anticipation, "what's about to happen?" that I felt when I composed this, and which I still sensed when I was looking at it again last night. So here is "the last Dungeness image" - until I accidentally stumble over another one that I like.


  1. It looks great. Feel free to stumble again.

  2. It's true!
    There IS a sense of anticipation.
    They look like they are at a school dance.
    The stick behind the shed looks like a friend pressing another forward.
    I think the shed is the girl.
    The tide will come in and swirl around and they will meet and circle around one another.

  3. I'm with Steffe here. Love the barren feeling - you could see it as the first scene in a mystery film - murder most foul, I'd imagine.