Thursday, 11 August 2011

Iron work - # 102/2011

I've left you somewhat bereft for a while. There are reasons for that, but none of them bad.

Walking around London these days one sees that (not withstanding the nasty riots in certain areas - which will pass, and which for various reasons happen as history wends its way forward, always looking back) this great city is looking remarkably good these days, and will be looking even better by the time the Olympic Games open next year. That's an understatement: it's going to look super!!!

I'm taking a close photographic look at the architectural forms and how they work to create supporting structure and also to please the eye.  Things went a bit wrong in the 1960s and 1970s but they are much improved now, and '60s-'70s monstrosities are fast being demolished.

Massive ironwork from the 19th century Canal and Steam age manages to endure and look eternally pleasing. Here is a detail of the ironwork in a bridge over the Grand Union Canal in Little Venice, near Paddington railway station.  Take the Underground to Warwick Avenue, and walk 200 yards down to Little Venice. 

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  1. Yes, I was nearly decapitated going under a bridge like that on the Yarra in Melb.

    I hope a couple of 60s & 70s monstrosities are left, they deserve a little place in the landscape too.