Thursday 3 November 2011

After the rain in London - # 137/2011

This one looks rather good in B&W but the colours are so attractive I decided to stay with colour.

We've jumped back from Richmond and Twickenham in November, and are revisiting Central London in August.  The weather is (it seems to me) a bit better now than it was then - well sort of, plus a few "Ah, well, Yes, if that's what you want to says" thrown in.

Anyway; a nice touristical snap showing from right to left, the Ministry of Defence, Old Scotland Yard (the Police HQ before they built New Scotland Yard) the new parliamentary office buildings and then of course Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament themselves. 

The wide angle lens has given it all a bit of a curve, but who cares!


  1. This is a wonderful shot and you are so right about the colors. I love the way you wedged Big Ben in between the tree branches.

  2. Yeah.
    Who cares!!
    There's lots to look at in this one.
    My favourite bit is the reflection.

  3. This is wonderful.

    Here in South India, it has been raining too and is very gloomy, dark and wet! :-(

  4. OOOOOH I LOVE this. One to be printed and framed I'd say. Funnily enough I took a couple of shots last night in pouring rain and will put one on tomorrow. I need to get out in the rain more often! And so do you, if this shot is anything to go by. Or just after I suppose is more comfortable...

  5. foreground and farground, must wonderful

  6. Lovely photo, especially the framing of the Houses of Parliament through the branches of the tree.

  7. Big Ben perfectly framed between the branches and oh my, that foreground reflection - a brilliant photo!