Saturday 12 November 2011

Camolflage lesson - # 138/2011

Nothing posted for a week: busy etc.

Yesterday I snatched a chance to walk deeper into one of the more densely wooded areas of Richmond Park to see who was hiding there.

The rut is over, and the stags are once again gathered in peaceful groups of "All Boys together".  Fighting? What? Us? Never! We're mates!

I almost walked past this quiet group hunkered down in the bracken, their antlers looking exactly like the fallen tree branches, and their coats the same colour as the Autumn vegetation.   


  1. So these are just the males?
    Where do the females hang out?

    Aren't they beautifully camouflaged?
    They remind me of how well kangaroos do it.

  2. Hadn't you told us I would have thought this shot was only about autumn ferns turning brown...