Monday 20 February 2012

The Hummingbird # 1/2012

"It's been a long time" as the Frenchman says in the old Cointreau advert.

I've been away in Oman (again, as last year) and brought this back.  There were hummingbirds in the garden and I had to be smart and get the timing right. They (there was this one and an irrridescent blue one) appeared at around 09.30 in the morning. The snap succeded.  It was worth waiting and watching.


  1. Oui c'est vrai le temps fut long mais j'ai moi aussi été absente pour toi....
    Tu es parti dans un autre lieu sous un autre temps, ici en France nous avons des papillons colibris mais seulement en été...

  2. Une impression de vie, vitesse, couleurs, odeurs, que tu aurais figée...

  3. I wondered where you were.
    You must have been very patient to catch him.
    I like his little feet.

  4. That's some photo - can imagine how difficult it was. Beautiful bird shown in its environment. Impressive!