Thursday 23 February 2012

The model maker - the Omani sailing dhow # 4/2012

The legendary sailor, Sindhbad, was an reputedly an Omani, who voyaged far and wide to exotic places and had astounding adventures.

The legendary voyages of the real sailors of Oman were no less exotic, and the traditional dhows are still built. The only difference is a diesel engine inside a fine, seaworthy, traditionally styled wooden hull.

The dhow yard at Sur still builds these beautiful ships.  They also make wonderful models worth thousands of pounds. Here's a snap showing a builder completing a magnificent model; no doubt being built to order.


  1. It's nice to see you back in action! These photos from Oman are great. I would love to see those sand dunes!

  2. I must say, honestly, this man is a true craftsman. I can only imagine what the whole boat looks like.

  3. Absolutely beautiful photograph of a fascinating boat and craftsman. Adore this shot, Chuckeroon.