Tuesday 30 January 2007

Grey day:hot shoes - #3

It's a grey day today, so let's liven it up with a fabulous display in the window of the shoe department of Dickens & Jones store in Richmond upon Thames. Jing http://www.shanghaidailyphoto.com/ and Isabella http://naplesdailyphoto-prettyizzy.blogspot.com/ will love these!


  1. I like the field depth effect. It could be a boring photo but it's not.

  2. Hmm...Isabella likes the red stilleto, however it makes it very hard to run away from alligators while wearing such ;-)))

    Thanks for the plug!

  3. Welcome to DP! You've got some great photos so far. I have a request, please take a photo of the deer at Richmond Park. I love that park and I just love deer.
    Tel Aviv Daily Photo

  4. ooo....
    you are tempting....:P
    anyway, beautiful shoes, hmm...i will choose that red pair.

    i like the whole effection of this photo...:)
    so special.

    greetings from cold shanghai, jing

  5. I love this shot! Very nice.

  6. I could have done with a pair of these when I went to see the Rocky Horror Show this week. Do they make them in a size 10?

  7. This is a wonderful shot, i want those shoes! It's great to see Richmond here on DP, welcome, i used to go ice skating and shopping there, sometimes dancing, as a teen (i lived at Cobham). Ah memories memories so thank you !