Monday 29 January 2007

Three figures in an alien world

Three figures in an alien world - #2
Last week the cold snap transformed the Petersham Copse into a new and hostile scene, dark and unwelcoming, with a fierce North wind blowing through. But now the snow has gone and in eight weeks the copse will be thick with new green growth, and loud with birdsong. Go through early and you will catch Mr. Badger finishing his night rounds, and see Mr. Fox on the prowl.


  1. Winter wonderland!
    Welcome to the DP family! Have fun...

  2. Tks, Isabella! I didn't expect this reply so soon!!

  3. Welcome to the DP world. Yes the snow up here has gone again too.

  4. wow...:))
    thx a lot, you give "shanghai" a position on your list..
    i am happy~~
    thx for bring me the happiness..and thx for bring us this white & beautiful view of the forest, I like the pure white, i also like what you describled.
    Seasons are changing, beauty is appearing every where,isnt it??

    welcome to DP blog world.
    Have Fun!!!

    greetings from shanghai jing.

  5. This is an excellent shot Chuckeroon. Very beautiful!

  6. Nice shot, there hasn't been any sign of winter at all up here this year!

    South Shields Daily Photo

  7. Great photo. Make a good picture for a Christmas card. Alas in Nottingham we only got a sprinkling.