Sunday 28 January 2007

There's a New Land far away

A New Land far away-#1
First posting on a new enterprise! Blogging. Where will it go? Rome? Paris? Shanghai? Dubai? Where and why?
On a cold winter's day walking across Petersham Meadows alongside the Thames at Richmond you certainly think of warmer and more glamourous climes. What...such gloom with magnificent London only 13 miles away?!


  1. Chuckeroon - welcome the Daily Photo club!

    A splendid sky to start it off.

    I just got back to DXB from London - the light and the skies are really fine at this time of year, great for taking nice shots.

    All the best,


  2. Welcome to the world of DPB's. It's different, sometimes time consuming, artistic & fun.

  3. Just wishing you a relatively late welcome to the club, Chuckeroon. I grew up in Sunbury and misspent a lot of my youth in Richmond, so I'm particularly looking forward to following your blog.