Sunday 4 January 2009

Champagne birthday - # 09/03

.........the glass is waiting to be filled a second time. (The tilting bottle is the caused by the parallax effect, not the poleaxed effect).

{The photo's a bit wierd because I messed up the resizing, but it looks great when you click on it and it comes up as it should be}


  1. Birthday! Yours? I believe I should then say Happy Birthday ... and drink a glass of champagne to celebrate it!

  2. A toast to you. Wouldn't it be grand to walk down Putney Road in the U.S. and find yourself on Putney Road in the U.K.? Thanks for your comments.

  3. Oh I will definitely need a glass as well for a proper celebration.
    PS If we all have a glass or two,the bottle won't look tilted!

  4. Happy birthday to whoever's birthday it is. I had to look up parallax. Sounded like a laxative...

    I think it's what you told me was a problem I had with the outside shots at the Festival de Musique last year. If one line is right, another isn't. Virginia's final line made me laugh.

    Happy Birthday!

  5. Ca alors ! J'ai failli oublier ! Heureux anniversaire Chuckeroon !
    Si j'avais su ! J'aurais pensé à toi en buvant en Normandie du Laurent Perrier fournisseur officiel de SM le prince de Galles !
    (Très sec et très bon ce champagne, nous en avons bu deux bouteilles que mon mari et moi avions amenées)

  6. Boire dans une flute c'est mieux que dans une coupe, car les arômes demeurent ; le vrai verre à champagne ressemble à un verre à vin
    (J'ai fait des vendanges en Champagne dans ma jeunesse)

  7. The sticker on the apple is a quaint touch.