Sunday 25 January 2009

Suburban sundown - Stop messing about! - # 09/12

What are you doing?!

Well, it's raining hard outside.

I know that!! Now answer the question!

Well it's something for Jilly, Richard,
a chap called Blognote in Arona
and a lady in Birmingham

Birmingham, for heaven's sake?? !!!!!!

Yes, in Alabama.

Birmingham, Alabama! That's even worse than our own Birmingham!

Yes, but..................well, not only those. Also some other blogger friends.

Hmmmm. But, answer the question! And......what's all that beeping?

It's the camera.

Why? What are you doing, exactly?

The rest you can imagine...................the above is a photo of an excellent Stilton Cheese from an artisan workshop "Cropwell Bishop". The cheese is unique and, in the right context, delicious.

Camera: Olympus E3. Lens set at 400mm equiv., telephoto. Minimum focus range about 1.2 meters. Settings all Manual at F8. Available light. Tripod.

In Suburbia, when it's wet, things get really nerdy.


  1. HA! I'm so glad people like you have photo deficits as well! Now I don't feel so bad. Merci for the lovely cheese and fruit. Peter may note that this is not my favorite kind of cheese, so make sure you tell him I tasted it, and it was délicieux! And now, let's get that champagne out shall we?

  2. That's a great piece of cheese; and I love Stilton, though it isn't easy to get a decent one here... Easier for Roquefort and some other French...
    So, that was part of the story of you missing a trip to Delhi. Amazing! ;))
    Have a great week ahead, with a better weather, if possile...

  3. @Virginia...well, not to drink with the Siton, V. That would be a bit unpleasant.

    @GMG.....Yep, and if she had gone I planned to follow and bring her back. I even looked up the air schedules. Of course, she didn't know that at the time.

  4. There's a mighty lot of questions here, Chuckeroon and not enough answers unless we are supposed to supply them... Nerdy is my computer guru - and unfortunately he doesn't supply a beautiful wedge of Stilton. I'm doubtless totally missing the point but Cezanne painted apples, so why is it nerdy to photograph cheese and grapes? And if it's cos you are giving us the camera details, well you always do, not that all of us understand them, you understand! (You may note I don't always get jokes so someone can explain)

    For some odd reason, you sometimes produce photographs that make me miss England and I rarely miss England. You've done it before with some of your magic river shots and especially the interior pub shots. Now you've done it again with the Stilton.

  5. Yummm. That cheese looks fabulous. Now I won't be content until I've had a taste of something similar...and one or two of those plump grapes.

  6. Really. So you expected someone from Alabama would know that? Well maybe we need to get another kind perhaps?

  7. Maybe a glass of sauternes would fit... or a port wine? Stilton is delicious! Can you sell it to the US? The US just tripled the 100% import tax on the roquefort... 300%!

  8. Very nice! Port for me, please!

  9. @Peter & @Mary......I prefer the Port option. I heard about the Roquefort scandal (typical American attitude).

    @Virginia.....something sweetish and heavy-ish to combat the sharpness of the Stilton and bring out the creamy side that you can clearly see in the photo. Hunt it down, V. But take careful and good advice before you dive in, if you are a novice in this area. This is a "big boys'" cheese.

  10. Aahhh 'roon, many thanks for educating me. Well guess I'll have to be a "big girl" and give it a tiny try! Thanks for inviting me to the party. I am most flattered. Oh, about the England/Alabama thing. That might be up for discussion-HA

  11. @Virginia....yes, tiny to start with. It's a bit like moving from a basic Chevy to a Porsche but with great care. As to Birmingham, either side of the Atlantic, I'm staying silent ;-)

  12. Et bien ! il y en a des souris chez toi pour un morceau de fromage !
    En France nous avons beaucoup de variétés de "bleu" mais mon mari n'aime pas le goût du pénicillium, le champignon dont on insémine la pâte. On s'en sert aussi dans la cuisine, les petits feuilletés au bleu c'est un délice.
    Ta part sur cette planche ressemble à du marbre veiné sur du marbre blanc.
    (Tiens je te prends un grain de raisin pour me rafraîchir...)

  13. Well I'd like to move from a Chevy to a Porsche! Peter did the best he could to move me "up" the cheese ladder!HA Check my blog tomorrow, I have a few "BIg Boy Toys" to show off!