Friday 25 September 2009

The Bar-Fly observes circles of influence - # 09/135

Isn't it strange how some people are "in" and some are definitely "out"? "Nobody ever tells me what's going on". "I've watched people going up and people going down; but they couldn't see it, or control it".

It's a long time since I did a decent "Bar-Fly", and I don't rate this one very high in the series. Bar-Flies are spontaneous but, actually, they aren't. They have to come together in a mysterious unplanned way, where numerous components just suddenly "fit". Like "circles of influence" in the cosmos and in human affairs, lots of other things have to happen in a precise way, and actually they are highly complex and organised forms of chaos.


  1. You won't believe this but I was just thinking about your "bar fly" photos and wondering if you would add to it and here it is! You must have a little point and shoot that you use for this kind of work,C. Mine would alert the whole place and therefore ruin the whole cosmic alignment thing!HA
    Like the shadows on the ceiling. Actually, I took a photo similar last night at a funky little bar myself. I'll run it on BADP and dedicate it to you! V

  2. @Virginia......."BADP" ?!: now there's an acronym to conjure with! Let me know when it's up. Don't want to miss it! BTW...the Bar-Fly never reveals the secrets of the cosmos.