Monday 28 September 2009

Girl in the window - # 09/137


  1. NIce photo. Digital noise works well here i think. Shades of Vermeer's girl reading a letter, although I'm sure that's a cleaning sponge! Strange how we might reject the bottle of cleaning fluid, when in Vermeer's time, or de Hooch's everyday items would be de rigeur

  2. @Richard.....I pushed the C7070 beyond its design spec. here, but this is a typical "Ham House Moment" not to be missed: and yes, the grain works well. I too, love the "everyday kitchen sink" nature of those Dutch paintings, which, of course are precisely from this period. J.Vermeer died two years after this interior was created - 1672/73. (b Delft, bapt 31 Oct 1632; d Delft, bur 16 Dec 1675). Dutch painter. He is considered one of the principal Dutch genre painters of the 17th century. Quote from"His work displays an unprecedented level of artistic mastery in its consummate illusion of reality. Vermeer's figures are often reticent and inactive, which imparts an evocative air of solemnity and mystery to his paintings."

  3. Wonderful! Love the yellow tone.

  4. @chucker - "illusion of reality" - that is exactly what photographs are!

  5. Hi Stuart!
    Wow! This is getting better and better; not only the pictures... ;))
    Vermeer is one of my favourites, and with only 36 paintings in the complete catalog, it's not difficult to see most of them...

    Blogtrotter is visiting some Old Town Antalya in Turkey. Enjoy and have a glorious week!

  6. C
    This is stunning. I like "illusion of reality". Perfect example. And I think the noise adds something to this photograph.