Sunday 13 September 2009

Lone bench in B&W (Richmond Park) - # 09/127

Throughout Richmond Park there are many well-placed benches where walkers may rest and take in a particular view.
I've decided to try to work in B&W for while and explore the complexities of it. Colour is so much easier (duck as boots are thrown), and there are certain combinations that do not work so well in B&W as they do in colour.
I didn't find this subject easy. It lacks a human interest (solitary figure); it would be better taken from behind towards the view (but hanging trees and extreme contrast made that impossible); the photo needed a bit - not a strong amount, certainly a fair degree - of tweeking to get the contrast, exposure and tonal quality to be as I felt they should be.
However, the dappled shadows on the path and the general tonal effect are as I saw them in my mind, and worth capturing.
NB......"Portrait of Richmond", my book, is now available for order on Amazon and will also be in stock in "The Open Book" in King St. Richmond and in the shop at Ham House as from 21st September.


  1. I like this Chuckeroon... subtle light, soft tones, not too much contrast puts the scene in a peaceful kind of "light". Lots of different textures...

  2. B & W is only for experts; you may do it, I would never venture in such an entreprise...

    I've some blue after the green in Turkey! To improve the mood of the 60s... ;). Have a great week!

  3. That's a very subtle way of introducing your book! I hadn't heard about it before. Some people would put flashing links in the side bar: PREORDER NOW!! all over the place. Congratulations on that!

  4. What????
    You've got a book??
    Well....look at you!